Ab Version 6.1 unterstützt readline auch Unicode-Zeichen. The development of GNU made it possible to use a computer without software that would trample your freedom. Installation. command line completion) Stosowana jest w programach takich jak bash i innych stosujących linię poleceń. Η τρέχουσα έκδοση είναι η 8.1. Oh no! Before reading this page please refer to the library home page as only subtle configuration will be introduced here. GNU Readline是一只软件库,可为具有命令行界面(像Bash)个交互式程序提供行编辑器及历史记录功能。 伊是GNU计划个一部分,目前由Chet Ramey维护。. modifier - modifier le code - voir Wikidata (aide) GNU Readline est une bibliothèque logicielle conférant aux interfaces en ligne de commande les fonctionnalités d'édition et d'historique. GNU Readline(グニュー・リードライン)は、GNUプロジェクトが開発・保守しているライブラリの1つ。 GPLでライセンスされ、bashなどのプロジェクトで使われている。. V současné době ji udržuje Chet Ramey jako součást projektu GNU. Many other programs use it too. C'est un logiciel libre maintenu pour le projet GNU par Chet Ramey, le mainteneur de GNU Bash. Thank You ! GNU Readline é uma biblioteca de software desenvolvida e mantida pelo projeto GNU e publicada sobre a licença GPL.Sua função é prover funcionalidades extras na edição de linha de comando, por exemplo : completamento do início de nomes com a tecla Tab,; movimentação do cursor para trás com o atalho Ctrl+B e; movimentação do cursor para frente com o atalho Ctrl+F. This chapter describes the basic features of the GNU command line editing interface. GNU Readline – biblioteka programistyczna, stworzona i rozwijana przez Projekt GNU na licencji GPL, dającą możliwość korzystania z takich funkcji jak: . However, vi style editing interface is also supported by adding the following to ~/.inputrc: ~/.inputrc set editing-mode vi. prompt argument to make-gnu-readline-port is optional [felix] 1.4 Replaced use of (end-of-file) with #!eof 1.3 Checks more possible libraries to link with at build time [Thanks to Peter Bex] 1.2 Adapted to new setup scheme. 1.1 More features, changed license to GPL, links with either libtermcap or libncurses. GNU Readline license choice. GNU Readline ist eine Softwarebibliothek, die Zeilenbearbeitungs-und Verlaufsfunktionen für interaktive Programme mit einer Befehlszeilenschnittstelle wie Bash bietet. Readlineを使ったアプリケーションでは、CTRL-B押下でカーソルを1文字ぶん戻し、CTRL-F押下で1文字ぶん進め、CTRL-Rでコマ … The GNU readline library allows users to edit command lines as they are typed in. It can maintain a searchable history of previously entered commands, letting you easily recall, edit and re-enter past commands. GNU GNU is a Unix-like operating system that is free software—it respects your freedom. OS/distribution Instructions Fedora/RHEL/CentOS Open a terminal and type: su -c 'yum install gcc-c++' Ubuntu Open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install build-essential g++ Readline は GNU プロジェクトによって開発されているライブラリで、コマンドラインで編集したり対話するために Bash などの CLI インターフェイスプログラムで使われています。 詳しくは readline(3) を参照してください。 ここでは簡単な設定だけに触れます。 pełna edycja linii poleceń; edycja i przeszukiwanie historii; dopełnianie nazw i adresów (ang. GNU Readline is a software library that provides line-editing and history capabilities for interactive programs with a command-line interface, such as Bash. By default Readline uses Emacs style shortcuts for interacting with command line. Es wird derzeit von Chet Ramey im Rahmen des GNU-Projekts gepflegt . GNU readline은 입력 자동 완성, 커서 이동, 잘라내기, 복사, 붙여넣기 등의 기능을 지원하며, Bash 등의 명령 줄 기반 인터랙티브 소프트웨어에서 사용된다. Alternatively, to set it only for Bash by adding the following line to ~/.bashrc: GNU readline ist eine vom GNU-Projekt erstellte und gewartete Programmbibliothek mit Funktionen zum Bearbeiten von Zeilen. Command line editing is enabled by default when using an interactive shell, unless the --noediting option is supplied at shell invocation. GNU Readline is a software library that provides line-editing and history capabilities for interactive programs with a command-line interface, such as Bash. Sie steht unter der GPL und wird in Projekten wie zum Beispiel bash genutzt.