Ride With Zip-Up Jacket

There was a day when the basic motorcyclist was a man. Not so today. Today many women have joined the group of people who see the world like only a person can on the back of their motorcycle. They have their favorite motorcycles, helmets, and womens motorcycle jackets.

Womens motorcycle jackets come in many styles and colors. They are made with the woman in mind and to fit the figure of woman.

There are the classic style motorcycle jackets for women. These have the rebel rider look, or the James Dean look. They come with a snap down collar that can be unsnapped so the jacket can be fully zipped up in the cold, rain, or wind. It usually has zippers at the sleeves, vents, and pockets. There are also the Euro style jackets. These have a sleeker look and style to them. They also come with zippered pockets but these lay flatter, and they come with a banded collar.

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